Words from our Fellows

‘Fellowship helps you to grow as a professional. It underlines achievement and it brings you into good company.’ 

‘Why should you consider becoming a Fellow? To associate with the highest achievers in the profession.’

 ‘Fellowship will encourage you to continue studying throughout your career and bring the greatest rewards in dentistry.’

‘The route to becoming a Fellow has moulded and formed my approach and delivery of dentistry through the sound foundations it has laid.’

 ‘After qualification and 10 years in practice, I concluded that there had to be something better and more fulfilling if I was to stay in dentistry. Although I had kept up to date with postgraduate courses and had increased my skillset, I felt I had nothing to prove I was anything better than a BDS. I decided that external accreditation was the way to go, so researched various programmes and decided that FGDP could provide me with all that I wanted and more.’

‘This is a means of being recognised as a leader in the field of general dentistry. This is the only recognised assessment for people in general dental practice and this accolade shows I am at the top of my game.’

‘I have had the opportunity to work as a Fellowship assessor since I became a Fellow myself, and it is a humbling experience.’