Restorative Dentistry Courses: Testimonials

Postgraduate Diploma

"This Diploma is very relevant to everyday practice. It is good to have lecturers who have been on the course and are in general practice."

"If you wish to think more deeply / roundly / widely about the dentistry you practice and be able to justify what you do against the current evidence base, then do this course!

" The Diploma in Restorative Dentistry has been an eye opener and gave me different perspective on my workstyle" - Read more from Savithra Rathinasabapathy

"It is very refreshing to have speakers with some controversial ideas as this really got me thinking."

"Perio could not have been any more dynamic and exciting."

"The clinical relevance was excellent. You managed to pack a lot into the course."

" The support system you get with Restorative Diploma is second to none, I was never left alone and had continuous support"

Hear more from Simon Rana

“It was such a fulfilling and comprehensive course that really ticked all the boxes that I was looking for”

Hear more from David Gray 

“The FGDP Restorative diploma has really had a positive impact on my clinical dentistry”Hear more from Daniel Caga

"The Diploma has opened up many professional doors for me"

Read more on how the Diploma changed Phil Dawson's career

"One of the best career decisions I've made"

Read more from Dr Gareth McMorrow

"Throughout the Diploma in Restorative, I felt I was offered a fantastic blend of academic, clinical and hands on experience"

Read more from Tom Willan

"The FGDP programme changed my approach in dentistry in every way possibe!"

60 seconds with our former student Hend Ainine, who completed the course in June'19



Hear from course leads Mike Mulcahy and Nick Lewis why you should apply for the course.


Why you should apply.