To help fulfil its mission to improve the standard of patient care, the Faculty promotes evidence-based clinical practice and advocates for research into primary dental care.

Primarily, FGDP(UK) helps translate research into the practice of thousands of dentists in the UK and internationally through the development and promotion of evidence-based education, guidance and standards and the publication of the Primary Dental Journal. Over 30,000 copies of our standards publications have been sold or distributed over the last ten years, our free online guidance pages have been viewed over 800,000 times since launching in 2015, and our journal is received by around 4,500 members and subscribers four times a year in clinically-themed issues.

We also:

  • disseminate relevant research to our members and through our communications with the wider profession, and facilitate practice-based research by acting as an intermediary between researchers and dentists
  • influence the agenda for primary dental research by identifying priority research questions and seeking to have these adopted and funded through involvement in research priority-setting and decision-making groups
  • originate research of our own, or in collaboration with others

The vast majority of oral health research takes place in universities and laboratories. However FGDP(UK) believes that clinically-based research should ideally take place in the clinics where care is provided, and with over 90% of oral healthcare in the UK provided in primary care, that means much greater involvement of general dental practitioners and their teams. To help them carry out their own research, or collaborate with other researchers, the Faculty has developed An Introduction to Research for Primary Dental Care Clinicians, and a Research Competencies Framework:

    An Introduction to Research for Primary Dental Care Clinicians

    FGDP(UK)'s Introduction to Research for Primary Dental Care Clinicians is a series of nine papers which introduce readers to the basic principles of research methodology, discuss the relevance of research to primary dental care, and provide an overview of the different stages in a research project.

    FGDP(UK) Research Competencies Framework

    Our Research Competencies Framework sets out the knowledge and skills required for competency in topics relevant to research.

    FGDP(UK) Critical Appraisal Pack

    The Faculty has also developed the FGDP(UK) Critical Appraisal Pack, which helps readers acquire the necessary skills to critically appraise all aspects of their professional life, including the theory and practice behind clinical tasks, managerial and business decision-making and professional development.

    Research projects

    Other research carried out or supported by the FGDP(UK) includes:

    BRONJ - FGDP(UK)-British Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons report on the national study on avascular necrosis of the jaws including bisphosphonate-related necrosis.

    The Impact of Continuing Professional Development in Dentistry: A Literature Review - FGDP(UK) report on CPD, commissioned by the GDC.