Standards in Dentistry

Standards in Dentistry is a comprehensive manual bringing together standards and guidelines in oral healthcare published by the FGDP(UK), BDA, GDC, ISO, the Department of Health and others. It is available:

  • in hard copy
  • online (Chapters 4.3.3 and 5 only, and only for purchasers of the hard copy)

Covering 17 treatment areas in both primary and secondary care dentistry, and including detailed tables describing ideal, acceptable and unacceptable clinical outcomes in each area, Standards in Dentistry is an indispensable compendium for the conscientious oral healthcare professional in helping to guide personal or practice-based quality assessment in:

  • children's dentistry
  • complete dentures
  • consultation and diagnosis
  • direct (plastic), coronal and root surface restorations
  • endodontics
  • implantology
  • indirect coronal restorations (crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays etc.)
  • management of acute pain
  • management of dental trauma
  • minor oral surgery
  • orthodontics
  • patients with special needs
  • periodontology
  • radiology
  • removable partial dentures
  • sterilisation and disinfection
  • veneers

Purchasers of the hard copy manual are also given exclusive access to Standards in Dentistry online, ensuring access to up to date information, as legislation changes, on non-clinical guidelines relating to:

  • Equipment and facilities
  • Environmental and hazard control
  • Infection control
  • Health and safety
  • Radiography
  • Laboratory
  • Patient records
  • Staff and staff training
  • Medical emergencies
  • Patient information
  • Communication and record-keeping
  • Medico-legal responsibilities and indemnity
  • Practice management
  • Computers and data security
  • Prevention
  • Conscious sedation

Standards in Dentistry is based on the FGDP(UK)'s previous publication, Self-Assessment Manual and Standards (SAMS).

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May 2007