Primary Care Oral Surgery: syllabus

Clinical competencies

• Principles of history taking, examination and differential diagnosis

• Request and interpret relevant investigations according to history and examination

• Extraction of teeth and retained roots/pathology

• Diagnosis and management of associated complications undertaking oral surgery procedures

• Diagnosis and management of odontogenic infections

• Diagnosis of other oral infections and relevant management, including referral where appropriate

• Management of impacted teeth and management of associated complications

• Dentoalveolar surgery in relation to orthodontic treatment

• Incisional and excisional biopsy techniques where appropriate

• Management of benign salivary gland disease

• Appropriate pain and anxiety control including the awareness of the principles of conscious sedation techniques, assessment and management of such patients

. • Principles of assessment of patients for general anaesthesia and counselling of patients

• Awareness of surgical restorative options and socket and bone preservation in relation to oral surgery and future treatment e.g. implant restoratations

• An understanding of the fundamentals of dental implantology

• Diagnosis and management of apical pathology and management of, including surgical endodontics

• Diagnosis and treatment of intra-oral benign and cystic lesions of the hard and soft tissues, with appropriate onward referral

• Diagnosis and management of oro-facial pain, including temporomandibular joint disorders

• Diagnosis of oral mucosal diseases and awareness of the management of and appropriate referral

• Diagnosis and management of oral malignancy

• Awareness of the likely management of patients with oral malignancy and issues relating to oral surgery

• Diagnosis and management of dento-alveolar trauma

• Diagnosis and awareness of the basic principles of trauma of the facial skeleton and associated soft tissues, and relevant onward referral

• Oro-facial imaging techniques

Basic sciences

• Anatomy, physiology, development of teeth and supporting tissues

• Applied surgical anatomy

• Bone biology and pathology

• Oro-facial deformity and its current management (including CLP)

• Oral malignancy and premalignancy

• Oral microbial disease and antimicrobials

• Principles of applied physiology and biochemistry with specific reference of bone growth and development, immune system, nervous system, respiratory system, circulatory system, mastication apparatus, degultition and speech

• Anaesthesia, analgesia and sedation • Management of medical emergencies and completion of basic life support (inc AED)

• Pharmacology in relation to oral surgery and effects of prescribing medications

• Human diseases and oral manifestations of

• Medical problems related to oral surgery

Core Competencies

• Cross infection and sterilisation and current guidelines

• Regulations relating to ionising radiation

• Oral surgery in the primary care environment

• Communication skills and team leadership and relevant training of assistants

• Management of medical emergencies

• Management of the medically compromised patient

• Working as part of a multi-disciplinary team e.g. with restorative or orthodontics

Health Care

• An overview of the NHS, resources and administration

• Understanding of evidence based practice, clinical guidelines and monitoring of outcomes

• Awareness of medico-legal responsibilities, jurisprudence and ethics

• Awareness of the organisations which govern the practice of oral surgery and ensure patient safety

• Be able to prepare a patient for a procedure from a consent perspective and ensure that they fulfil the requirements of informed consent

• Appreciate those patients who are unable to consent for themselves and the issues surrounding management of such patients

• Be able to outline the treatment options available to patients, including no treatment

• Ability to respect the confidential nature of the information gleaned in the management of a patient

• Principles of Clinical Governance and Ethics in relation to oral surgery

• Critical appraisal of oral surgery literature

• Research