Final Assessment


Winter 2018 Examination

The Winter Examination will be held on Friday 30th November 2018.

The Submission date for this exam will be the Friday 2nd November 2018.

We require all examination cases and materials (including a digital copy of each case) to be delivered to the college by the submission deadline.

Students MUST ensure all materials that can identify the patient or the student be redacted before submitting to the Final Assessment.

If you wish to submit for this examination then you must meet certain requirements:

· Have attended all tutorials and units

· Completed and passed 6 learning cases and 20 mini cases

· Passed all assignments (A-C)

· Passed all MSAs (A-C)

· Completed all practical elements


It is the responsibilty of the student to ensure they have completed all the required elements of the course before entering for the final assessment. By signing the Assessment Declaration form you will be declaring you have met the requirements of the assessment. All applications are checked and verified by FGDP(UK). If our records reveal you have not completed all elements then you will not be permitted to enter the final assessment.


For further information at this time please contact the FGDP Education Team at / 0207 869 6766

Application Documentation


Application Form

Assessment Declaration Form (New for 2018 - this MUST be used)

Cohorts final submission dates

Cohort Final date for submission Additional Year
(must be applied for)
15 Winter 2017 Winter 2018
16 Winter 2017 Winter 2018
17 Winter 2018 Winter 2019
18 Winter 2018 Winter 2019
19 Winter 2019 Winter 2020
20 Winter 2019 Winter 2020
21 Winter 2020 Winter 2021
22 Winter 2020 Winter 2021
24 Winter 2021 Winter 2022


Additional year MUST be applied for in writing. Please refer to your cohort academic regulations for guidance.

Future Examination Dates



Please deliver all examination cases to*;

FAO Ipshita Chhibber
Royal College of Surgeons of England
35-43 Lincolns Inn Fields