The Portfolio


The FGDP Fellowship programme is currently CLOSED to new applicants



The Portfolio is the key component for the Preparing for Fellowship assessment. It should provide evidence of your contribution to clinical practice, or other achievement domains, which contribute to the delivery of patient care. It should demonstrate that you are a competent dentist, continually working to improve the standards of patient care. 

The portfolio is designed in such a way as to allow you to add further evidence in the future. The portfolio gives candidates an opportunity not only to reflect on their professional development but also to demonstrate high levels of compliance with the standards of conduct, performance and ethics required by the GDC for all dentists. 

There is a considerable commitment required to pull together the evidence for the portfolio. However, for many of those considering Fellowship, they have already amassed a significant body of evidence. Your Facilitator will then work with you to pull the required components together.

The required components are:

  • Introduction – abridged CV
  • Brief personal statement outlining your wish to become an FGDP(UK) Fellow.
  • Evidence to support competencies for each of the 5 domains:
  • Clinical
  • Management and/or leadership
  • Teaching, education and/or assessment
  • Research
  • Law and ethics 
  • Reflective account of a chosen domain(s)


On engaging with the Fellowship programme, you will be assigned an experienced Facilitator, who will act as your mentor to guide you on the preparation of your portfolio.  In agreeing the milestones that you seek to achieve, the Facilitator will establish the areas of the programme on which you require advice and input and will support you to ensure that you are making progress.


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