Policy, Reports and Consultations

As part of our commitment to enabling dental professionals to achieve and maintain the highest standards of patient care and excellence in their practice, the FGDP(UK) provides independent advice and opinion to Government, public authorities and other relevant institutions. Below are the Faculty's responses to consultations and reviews.

A glossary of abbreviations is provided at the bottom of the page.






Department for Education - Early Years Foundation Stage Reforms



DH - Advancing our health: prevention in the 2020s

HSC - Dentistry services

GDC - Corporate Strategy 2020-22

DH - Further advertising restrictions for products high in fat, salt and sugar

GDC - Principles of specialist listing

DH - Restricting promotion of food and drink that is high in fat, sugar and salt

NHS Improvement - Developing a patient safety strategy for the NHS

NICE - Babies', children's and young people's experience of healthcare

CQC - Regulatory fees for 2019/20



Northern Ireland Department of Health - Antimicrobial Resistance Action Plan

NICE – Care and support of people growing older with learning disabilities

NICE - Sleep-disordered breathing

SDCEP - Implementation advice on the phase-down of dental amalgam use

SDCEP - Antibiotic prophylaxis against infective endocarditis

DH - Promoting professionalism, reforming regulation



HEE - survey on training materials available on antimicrobial stewardship

DH - Ionising Radiation (Medical Equipment) Regulations 2018

SDCEP - Conscious sedation (response of the Intercollegiate Advisory Committee on Sedation in Dentistry)

CQC - Fees from April 2017

NICE - Antimicrobial prescribing for acute sinusitis

GDC - Shifting the Balance

NICE - Quality Standard on oral health in care homes and hospitals



Scottish Government - Improving Oral Health

NICE - Guidance on Antimicrobial Prescribing for the Management of Common Infections

NHSI - Never Events Policy and Framework Review 2016/17

NICE - Quality Standard for Head and Neck Cancer

HMT - Soft Drinks Industry Levy

NICE - Oral Health Promotion in Care Homes and Hospitals (topic engagement)

SDCEP - Guidance on the Oral Health Management of Patients Prescribed Anti-resorptive or Anti-angiogenic Drugs

GDC - Guidance on Rule 9 (Power of Review)

NICE - Quality Standard for Oral Health Promotion in the Community

NICE - FGDP(UK) supports NICE Quality Standard on Suspected Cancer

NICE - Quality Standard for Diabetes in Adults

Nuffield Council on Bioethics - Call for evidence on cosmetic procedures

GDC - Guidance on agreeing Undertakings and issuing Warnings

NICE - Quality Standard for Diabetes in Children and Young People

NICE - Quality Standard for suspected cancer

DH - Transposition of the revised EU Directive on Mutual Recognition of Professional Qualifications

NICE - Guidance on oral health for adults in care homes



NICE - Quality Standard for Antibiotic Stewardship

GDC - Guidance on Candour

NICE - Scope of revised guidance on the prophylactic removal of third molars

HEE - Draft National Curriculum for Dental Core Training

Welsh Government - Our Health, Our Health Service green paper

GDC - Dentist and Dental Care Professional annual retention fee level for 2016

COPDEND - Assessment of Satisfactory Completion of Dental Foundation Training (April)

HSC - Accountability Hearing with the General Dental Council (March)

HSC - Children’s Oral Health Evidence session (February)

CQC - Regulation of primary dental care services (January)

GDC - Changes to the GDC’s Fitness to Practise (Section 60) Rules 2006 (January)

GDC - Indemnity Arrangements (Dentists and DCPs) Rules Order of Council (January)

HEE - Qualification requirements for cosmetic procedures (January)



DH - Proposed amendments to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the GDC's fitness to practise processes (November)

NICE - Review of NICE Technology Appraisal Guidance on the extraction of wisdom teeth (November)

CQC - Guidance for providers on meeting the fundamental standards and on CQC’s enforcement powers (October)

COPDEND - Quality assurance framework for CPD in dentistry (September)

DH - Dental contract reform (August)

FGDP(UK) briefing paper for the House of Lords debate on dental implants and periodontal checks (July)

GDC - Changes to the dentist regulations and DCP rules (June)

COPDEND - Dental foundation training competency framework (June)

HEE - Research and innovation strategy (June)

GDC - Changes to the GDC’s Standards for Education and Preparing for Practice documents (May)

NHS England - Improving dental care and oral health: Call to action (May)

GDC - GDC's role in regulating the dental specialties: Call for information (May)

NICE - Medicines Practice Guideline on antimicrobial stewardship (April)

NICE - Review of Technology Appraisal Guidance 92 on HealOzone for the treatment of tooth decay (March)

NHS England - Framework for managing performer concerns (March)

GDC - Changes to CPD statutory rules (March)

HEE - Non-surgical cosmetic interventions: Call for Evidence (February)



NICE - Proposals to move dental recall, prophylaxis against infective endocarditis and sedation in children clinical guidelines to static list (October)

UK NSC - Screening for dental caries in children aged 6-9 years (October)

FGDP(UK) comment on Berwick Review of patient safety (August)

SIGN - Draft guidelines on prevention of dental caries in children (August)

CQC - Changes to the way the CQC inspects, regulates and monitors care services (August)

FGDP(UK) comment on the Keogh Review of the Regulation of Cosmetic Interventions (July)

GDC - Quality of CPD in dentistry (July)

FGDP(UK) comment on GDC's introduction of direct access for DCPs (July)

HEE - Introducing Health Education England: Our strategic intent (April)

HSC - Evidence to enquiry on the implementation of the Health and Social Care Act 2012 (April)

NICE - Quality standard for smoking cessation (April)

DH - Review of the balance of health competencies in the EU (February) - RCS response including FGDP(UK) comments

Institute for Health Equity - Working for Health Equity Report on Role of Dentists and the Oral Health Team in Tackling Health Inequalities (February)

COPDEND - Standards for dental educators (January)

GDC - Review of CPD (January)



DH - Performers List Regulations 2013 proposals (December)

GDC - Direct access to dental care professionals (December)

DH - Arrangements for consideration of proposals on the fluoridation of drinking water (October)

GDC - Standards of conduct, performance and ethics (October)

DHSSPSNI - Review of consultant-led hospital dental services in Northern Ireland (October)

NICE - Review of CG19 on dental recall (July)

Office of Fair Trading - Investigation into the dentistry market (February)



GDC - Review of CPD (October)

NICE - Review of CG139 on prevention and control of healthcare-associated infections in primary and community care (September)

NICE - Patient experience in generic terms (July)

NICE - Review of CG64 on prophylaxis against infective endocarditis (July)

GDC - Review of scope of practice (June)

DH - Healthy lives, healthy people: Our strategy for public health in England (March)

DH - Liberating the NHS: Developing the healthcare workforce (March)

CfWI - Dental profession workforce risks and opportunities (January)

DH - Liberating the NHS: An information revolution (January)
- Letter to accompany response

GDC - Revalidation for dentists (January)


GDC - Learning Outcomes for Registration (December)
- Letter to accompany response

Government NHS White Paper - Equity and Excellence: Liberating the NHS (October)

GDC - Principles of ethical advertising (October)

DH - Code of practice for healthcare on the prevention and control of infections (July)



GDC - Developing revalidation (September)

GDC - Flexibility in Specialist Training (June)

GDC - Implant dentistry (June)



CfWI - Centre for Workforce Intelligence

COPDEND - Committee of Postgraduate Dental Deans and Directors

CQC - Care Quality Commission

DH - Department of Health and Social Care (England)

DHSSPSNI - Northern Ireland Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety

GDC - General Dental Council

HEE – Health Education England

HMT - HM Teasury

HSC - House of Commons' Health and Social Care Select Committee

NHSI - NHS Improvement

NICE - National Institute for Health and Care Excellence

NSC - National Screening Committee

SDCEP - Scottish Dental Clinical Effectiveness Programme

SIGN - Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network