Periodontics Course : Testimonials

"After completing this course, I am confident in implementing the new classification system as advised by the British Society of Periodontology"

“I wish I'd been taught as an undergraduate with as much enthusiasm as my career would have been much more rewarding and better for my patients.”

“The surgeries practical was very useful, the demo quality is excellent. The two supervising professionals provide excellent one-on-one learning approach.”

"I have changed the way I speak and explain treatment of gum disease. I also completely change the stages of treatment provided -oral hygiene visits then leave them 6 weeks and then RSD visit 45 mins etc hand scalers! Importance of teaching correct brushing techniques- I’ve already put into practice and very enthusiastic about it all! My patients seem very motivated just like I am to make a change"

"This course has taught me that there are multiple treatments that can be offered to save or attempt to save a tooth with an uncertain prognosis. I really enjoyed the periodontal regeneration lecture which has really made me more aware of the biomaterials/materials available to induce periodontal regeneration with more success. I really appreciated the adherence to the care management pathway which gives a clear path to determine whether a patient should be considered for non surgical treatment or whether surgical treatment should be offered. The indications for surgical treatments were clear, and the protocol for various surgical treatments were outlined and discussed. Various continuous suturing and interrupted suturing techniques were practiced after each surgical techniques which I found to be very useful over the many cases where primary intention healing is required. Out with the course topics/contents - I found the facilities/service/food catering to be of a high standard and were very useful during the course duration."