Update on progress in forming a new College of General Dentistry

News Published: 
24 May 2018

At the recent Annual General Meeting of the Faculty in Birmingham, the Dean gave an update on progress in forming a new College of General Dentistry.

The vision for a new College will mirror, but build more ambitiously upon, the work of the Faculty: serving the public and patients by cultivating excellence in oral healthcare; achieving this by establishing evidence-based guidance and standards for dentistry, within a strong professional community of practice; and fostering quality in practice for dental professionals through their training, career development and lifelong learning.



For you, our members, we believe we can offer more, and a Royal Charter is firmly in our sights to elevate dentistry to the standing of other medical professions.

The Royal College of Surgeons is working with us to identify precisely how the establishment of the new College will best be achieved, and we will be announcing opportunities for you, and all members of FGDP(UK), to contribute to the shaping of arrangements for the new College in the coming weeks.

Thank you for your continuing support.