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News Published: 
26 May 2021


The College of General Dentistry (CGDent) is inviting FGDP(UK) members and other dental professionals to sign up to its newsletter. Ahead of and beyond its historic launch, subscribers will receive news and information about the new organisation and its activities, products, services and partnerships as they develop. 




To date the CGDent newsletter has only been available to registered supporters and members of the new College, with membership restricted to current members of the FGDP(UK) until 1 July. However ahead of CGDent membership then opening to all members of the dental professions, pre-registration for membership has now been opened, and subscription to the free newsletter opened up to members and non-members alike.

From 1 July, the FGDP will transfer into CGDent, and the CGDent newsletter will supersede the FGDP's newsletter, Bites, which has been available to both members and non-members of the organisation since 2017. 

However, unfortunately it is not possible to automatically transfer newsletter subscriptions directly from the FGDP to the CGDent, so subscribers to Bites will need to actively sign up to the CGDent newsletter if they wish to keep receiving news.


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