New ‘Starting Well’ resource portal

News Published: 
16 August 2018

FGDP(UK) is making its members aware of a new portal of resources to support dental teams in providing preventive oral health care for young children aged 0-2 years.

The Starting Well Core brings together a range of new and existing resources in one place, with the aim of supporting the profession with training and materials to encourage parents to take babies to the dentist during their first year, and to take preventive action to look after their children’s primary teeth.



Consisting of learning materials, posters and patient information leaflets, there is also a link to a new ‘Baby Teeth DO Matter’ e-learning package (this is not yet available; FGDP(UK) will inform Members once it is live). The resources include:

  • A copy of the CDO’s letter to practices in England confirming that claims can be made in respect of pre-cooperative children
  • The Starting Well Prevention Pathway
  • Baby Teeth DO Matter e-learning package (not yet live)
  • Dental visits for young children: Links to learning tools and references for dental professionals
  • Posters:
    • Dental check by one
    • 'You don’t want your little monster to have teeth to match’
    • ‘Sugary drinks are bad for baby teeth’
    • ‘100 calorie snacks, two a day max’ and other Change4Life posters
    • Prevention is better than treatment 
  • Leaflets for patients:
    • Bedtime for baby teeth
    • 5 golden tips for brushing
    • Change4 Life – See the dentist
    • Change4 Life ‘Brushing twice is nice’ toothbrushing chart
    • My first dental visit
    • My first visit to the dentist certificate
  • Baby tooth chart
  • App your way to healthy smiles (food scanner app)
  • Top Tips for Teeth toolkit:
    • Link to online order form for free toolkit for dental practices
    • Link to online order form for free toolkit for children’s centres
    • Each toolkit contains:
      • 2 x A4 and 1 x A3 posters: ‘Twice is nice’, ‘Come back soon’, ‘Be sugar smart’
      • dispenser with 300 flyers with helpful dental health tips for parents
      • URLs to download waiting room screensavers, videos and social media images
      • 'conversation starter' badge for someone in your practice to wear
      • briefing sheet on the resources in the kit
  • QR codes for Smile4Life resources on toothbrushing, sugar reduction and diet

Currently only one child in ten has an NHS dental check-up by the age of two, and a quarter of five year olds in England have tooth decay. The new portal is part of the ‘Smile4Life’ initiative to reduce the incidence of early childhood caries and the numbers of young children undergoing general anaesthetic and emergency dental treatments for the removal of decayed teeth. It also complements the work of the Children’s Oral Health Improvement Programme Board, of which the Faculty is a member.

The new portal can be accessed at: