Latest FGDP(UK) Fellowships and academic awards

News Published: 
29 April 2021



The Faculty of General Dental Practice UK (FGDP(UK)) offers its congratulations to 35 dentists who have recently qualified for its academic and professional awards.

Eight FGDP(UK) Members have successfully completed the assessment for Fellowship of the Faculty and will be awarded the Diploma of Fellowship, which recognises the diversity of an individual’s expertise and their achievements in delivering excellence in primary dental care.

Sixteen dentists have been awarded Fellowship ad eundum in recognition of their existing Fellowship either of another UK Royal College, or of a recognised overseas body with an award equivalent to that of Fellowship by Assessment of FGDP(UK).

Faculty Fellows may use the post-nominal designation ‘FFGDP(UK)’.

Nine dentists have been awarded the FGDP(UK) Postgraduate Diploma in Implant Dentistry and are now entitled to use the post-nominal letters ‘Dip Imp Dent (RCS Eng)’.

One has also completed the FGDP(UK) Advanced Diploma in Implant Dentistry.

Two candidates have been ratified to be awarded the FGDP(UK) Postgraduate Diploma in Restorative and Aesthetic Dentistry, and may now use ‘Dip Rest Dent (RCS Eng)’.

The successful candidates are listed below.

Candidates who have recently completed examinations should not be concerned if their name does not appear below; the results of other recent assessments will be considered for ratification in June by the Faculty’s Joint Academic Board.

Information on the use of FGDP(UK) post-nominals following the transfer of the Faculty to the College of General Dentistry is available here.


Diploma of Fellowship of the Faculty of General Dental Practice (UK)

By assessment

Nick Barker

Adrian Bennett

Ntekim Ette

Stephen Robert Burrows

Ruben Garcia

Haidar Hassan

Alexander Holden

Christopher Roberts


Ad eundum

Ziad Al-Dwairi

Senathirajah Ariyaratnam

Yee Chuen Chan

Stephen Michael Dunne

Robert Dyas

Andrew Howard Eric Eder

Ryan Keir Hughes

Eldo Koshy

David Charles John Langham

Prabhu Manickam Natarajan

Barry Francis Arthur Quinn

Fraser Campbell Sneddon

Gerald Sui

Adrian Thorp

Christopher Jeremy Tredwin

Man Cheong Dennis Wong


Advanced Diploma in Implant Dentistry

Shahrzad Dashti Jeffery


Diploma in Implant Dentistry

Gregory Cadman

Adam Conradi

Paul Anthony Devine

Adam Gade Ellesoe

Frida Turid Hansson

Shahrzad Dashti Jeffery

Gregor McIntosh

Vegan Kiashen Moodley

Michael Andrew Wilson


Diploma in Restorative and Aesthetic Dentistry

Smita Rhodes

Natasha Bhamm