Join the Parents' Jury on children's food

News Published: 
4 August 2017

FGDP(UK) is encouraging dentists and their patients to apply to join a new initiative for parents to have a stronger voice on issues affecting the dietary health of children.

A new virtual 'Parents' Jury' is being recruited by the Children's Food Campaign in order to hear parents' views on the availability and promotion of foods to their children in schools, shops and wider society.

Jury members will be selected to ensure a broad mix of parents from different backgrounds and areas, and with a range of views and experiences, and will be sent regular online surveys, and given ad hoc opportunities to comment on topical news, adverts and policy announcements. Children's Food Campaign will then share the findings and comments with Government departments, politicians, advertising regulators, industry bodies and the media. Jury members will also be encouraged to share examples of the best and worst products and marketing practices they come across; and to rate business and government attempts to make healthy choices easier.

The Faculty is a member of the Children's Food Campaign, which lobbies for greater government action and parental power to improve the food environment in which children grow up, and with which it has successfully campaigned for a tax on sugary drinks.

Dr Mick Horton, Dean of FGDP(UK), said:

"Dental professionals are passionate about educating children and their parents on the importance of diet to oral health. But children's choices are also influenced by schools, advertising, sponsorship and promotions, and the regulations around these. If you are the parent of a 2-17 year old, this is your chance to be heard on the food and nutrition issues which affect your children, and we would also ask FGDP members to consider spreading the word to their patients."

To apply, visit