ICO names and shames non-payers

News Published: 
24 August 2020


The FGDP(UK) would like to remind dental practices of the need to pay Data Protection Fees.

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) is contacting all UK-registered companies to remind them of their legal responsibility to pay the annual fee, which ranges from £40-£2,900 according to a company’s size and turnover, and which all organisations processing personal information have been required to pay since May 2018.

The regulator maintains an online register of organisations which have paid the fee and names non-paying organisations. It also fines non-payers, but says the fines may be reduced or waived during the coronavirus pandemic if an organisation can provide evidence that non-payment is due to financial reasons linked to the crisis, and if assurance is given of when payment will be made.

Fees can be paid at https://ico.org.uk/fee, and dental practices can contact the ICO’s small business helpline for further advice (0303 123 1113; Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm).