FGDP(UK) statement on access to NHS dentistry

News Published: 
20 November 2019

Responding to the BBC's estimate that 2 million adults in England are unable to see an NHS dentist, Ian Mills, Dean of the Faculty of General Dental Practice (UK), commented:

"Successive governments have been reluctant to acknowledge that problems exist in NHS dentistry, let alone address the underlying issues, and have promoted a disingenuous fiction that comprehensive care is available to all those who need it. Unfortunately many patients struggle to access NHS dental care as the funding simply does not provide the universal offer they expect, and others stay away due to patient charges which have risen by 36% since 2010. The number of adults in England seeing an NHS dentist every two years has now declined to 50%, and only 60% of children see an NHS dentist each year. While access could be improved through better allocation of existing resources, truly universal access could only be achieved with greater funding."