FGDP(UK) response to the latest NHS Statistics

News Published: 
21 August 2015

NHS statistics indicate more needs to be done to improve oral health, says FGDP(UK)

New NHS Dental statistics for England from the Health and Social Care Information Centre highlight that NHS dentists are carrying out more preventative treatments than ever and continue to work hard to prevent dental disease. It is, however, clear that there is still more that can be done to improve the oral health of children and adults across the country.

The report highlights the high numbers of extractions and restorations which are carried out on children to treat preventable disease, such as dental caries.  Regular visits to the dentist are essential to maintain good oral hygiene and can aid the early detection of any problems. Dental examinations, fluoride application and a healthy low sugar diet, can help to prevent caries and avoid the need for extractions or restorative procedures.

FGDP(UK) Dean Dr Mick Horton commenting on the HSCIC report, said;
“This report highlights the excellent work NHS dentists are doing in preventing dental disease and promoting good oral health. Despite this, it is worrying that almost 1 in 10 of treatments provided to children included extractions. It is clear that adults and children need to visit their dentist regularly to aid in the early detection of any problems and allow the Dental Care Team to give preventative advice and treatment where necessary. It is important that parents understand they have a responsibility to also improve the Dental Health of their children through regular dental appointments, good oral hygiene and following a low-sugar diet, recognising that together we can reduce the incidence of tooth decay.”