FGDP(UK) responds to NICE patient experience consultation

News Published: 
14 July 2011

The FGDP(UK)'s response to this consultation brought together the views of several FGDP(UK) Board members (general dental practitioners) and members of the FGDP(UK)’s Lay Advisory Group. There was unanimous support for the guidelines, which were considered to be well presented, clear and comprehensive. However, there were concerns that the guidelines lacked detail with regard to patient experience in the primary dental care setting.

Reviewers suggested the inclusion of the responsibilities that might apply to patients, and we referred NICE to the FGDP(UK) guidance ‘Patient’s Rights and Responsibilities’. There was also concern that the guidelines do not set out expectations on how an individual’s past and present health is captured beyond asking the patient.

The members of the review group that were general dental practitioners also highlighted a danger that the processes necessary to demonstrate compliance with these guidelines could divert resources away from providing hands-on patient care.

Read the full consultation response
(note: the response will need to be read alongside the relevant NICE documents found here)