FGDP(UK) Governance Consultation Deadline

News Published: 
9 May 2013

Members of the FGDP(UK) are advised that the deadline for responding to the recent recommendations for governance is May 30 2013.

Proposals include reducing the size of the current board from 29 to 14 seats. This will be done by replacing national and divisional seats by regional seats. Each regional Board member will represent up to two divisions at the Faculty Board.

The plan is to maintain the existing divisional structure, and divisions can continue to operate as they do currently. It is just their representation on Board which will change.

These changes to the Faculty's governance, along with all the others agreed at the February Board meeting, have been incorporated into a final proposal document.

Members of the FGDP(UK) who wish to respond can do so by 30 May, using this online survey.