FGDP(UK) backs 'retainers are for life' message

News Published: 
6 October 2017

The Faculty of General Dental Practice UK (FGDP(UK)) is supporting the British Orthodontic Society’s ‘Hold that Smile’ campaign, which aims to educate patients that orthodontic retainers should be worn for life.

The Faculty says dentists have an important role in getting this message across both before and after orthodontic treatment, and the BOS has also developed an animation and short film for patients, explaining the benefits of retainers and the risks of teeth moving if they are not worn.

The campaign follows definitive research on relapse carried out in the US, which found that 70% of patients who had only worn retainers for one or two years after orthodontic treatment needed re-treatment ten years later.

Dr Mick Horton, Dean of the FGDP(UK), said:

“Many perceive orthodontic treatment as just tooth movement, but without adequate retention evidence shows the occlusion will relapse. It is vital that the whole team including those in primary care reinforce the message and help ensure that the retention provided maintains the correct tooth position for life. As far as possible those working in General Dental Practice should ensure that, before referring for orthodontic treatment, patients are aware that without a personal long-term commitment to retention, it is more likely than not their teeth will relapse. Together as a team we can provide and maintain that new smile.”

Further information is available at www.bos.org.uk.