College of General Dentistry seeks your support

News Published: 
22 August 2019





Members of the Faculty of General Dental Practice (FGDP(UK)) and other dental professionals are invited to register their support for the new College of General Dentistry, adding their name to a growing list of practitioners who believe that now is the time for dentistry to achieve professional standing consistent with equivalent healthcare professions.

The College of General Dentistry aims to foster excellence in oral healthcare, setting authoritative standards which enhance high quality, contemporary care, and strengthening and supporting the whole dental team. It will accommodate the FGDP(UK), building on the Faculty’s substantial achievements, under the umbrella of the Royal College of Surgeons of England, in setting standards for general dental care and delivering outstanding postgraduate dental education. 

Backing for the College of General Dentistry has already been expressed by a number of national dental and healthcare organisations, with bodies such as the British Dental Industry Association (BDIA), Oral Health Foundation and British Association of Dental Nurses endorsing its development. 

Dental professionals can add their support on the College of General Dentistry website at, with the option to receive updates on the progress of the new College.


“The FGDP has for many years been a flag bearer for excellence in professional standards and ongoing education within general dentistry. The world of general practice is evolving at an unprecedented pace and as such it is time that the practice of general dentistry be recognised by a free standing, autonomous body that represents and supports the profession. The foundation of the College of General Dentistry will enable the profession to take full ownership of its education and standards of patient care through a dedicated, structured and chartered organisation. I would urge all GDPs, DCPs and DCTs to take advantage of this 'once in a generation' opportunity to register your support.”

Andrew Parashchak, FGDP(UK) Board member for the North West, and Chair of the Membership Affairs Committee


Serving the needs of the full dental team, the College of General Dentistry will support them in rising to the challenges of 21st century dentistry in providing preventatively-orientated, patient-centred, minimal intervention care, amidst the continuing challenge of health inequalities, access to care, increasing patient expectations, and difficulty engaging many individuals with their own oral healthcare.

Once the College is fully established, partners will be invited to help constitute new Faculties, reflecting the interests of the constituent professions of the dental team. A Royal Charter will also be pursued to enhance the standing of dentistry in the UK and internationally.

Further information about the College of General Dentistry can be found at