College of General Dentistry seeks Founding Contributors

News Published: 
19 December 2019

The College of General Dentistry is offering FGDP(UK) Members the opportunity to be identified as Founders and Founding Contributors.

The new College is seeking contributions to ensure its future success in serving primary care dental teams across the UK, and to support its ambition to create the organisation to which, in the words of its Chair, Professor Nairn Wilson, “our profession has aspired for over a hundred years”. The National FGDP(UK) Board is working with the Trustees of the new College to develop the organisation. The Faculty will transfer from the Royal College of Surgeons of England when the future of the new College is secured.

The College’s Roll of Honour, celebrating its contributors to date, is available at, and those interested in finding out more about becoming a Founder or Founding Contributor themselves should visit

Announcing the appeal, Professor Nairn Wilson said:

With their own College, dentists will be able to advance our profession and rise to the challenges of 21st century healthcare. The College of General Dentistry will foster excellence, set standards, and strengthen and support the whole dental team. This is our historic moment, a one-off opportunity for dentists to build their own College, to which the profession has aspired for over a hundred years, just as other professions have done in centuries past. To achieve this, the College needs support from the profession, and while we have made substantial progress, we have yet to secure its future fully. We have been delighted and honoured by the contributions made by senior practitioners in recent months, and would now like to extend the opportunity - particularly to members of FGDP(UK), whose College this will most emphatically be – to help us to bring our vision to fruition.