College of General Dentistry announces membership fees

News Published: 
24 March 2021



The College of General Dentistry (CGDent) has announced the annual fees which its members will pay from 1 July 2021.

In its March member newsletter, the CGDent revealed that the standard rate for Full Members of the new college will be £280 per annum, with Fellows paying £430, Associate Fellows* £350 and Associate Members charged £100.

Concessionary rates will be available to those who practise dentistry wholly outside the UK, are retired from practice, on maternity leave, have long-term illness, are unemployed, on a career break or facing financial hardship, and to registrants other than dentists. The concessionary rate for Full Members will be £94 per annum, with Fellows paying £144, Associate Fellows* £117 and Associate Members £33. 

Dental Nurses, Dental Hygienists, Dental Therapists, Clinical Dental Technicians, Dental Technicians and Orthodontic Therapists will all qualify for Associate Membership for £33.

Student members will pay a £10 annual fee; alternatively a free 'Student affiliate' option will be available.

Members will be able to pay their fees either annually or by monthly Direct Debit, and the college will be accepting advance payment of fees from 1 June 2021. CGDent is also in the process of applying to HMRC to allow members to claim tax relief on their membership subscriptions.

Until 30 June 2021, membership of CGDent is only available to members of FGDP(UK), and eligibility to join is automatic until that date. This is referred to as a Privilege Membership. Faculty members can join as a Privilege Member at, and an administrative fee of £20 will cover your Privilege Membership of CGDent until the above membership fees take effect on 1 July. CGDent membership will open to all registered dental professionals from 1 July.

In advance of the transfer of FGDP to CGDent, Faculty members will have received a link to an online form. Members are required to choose what they would like to happen to their membership from 1st July. Members can transfer their membership to the College of General Dentistry, or remain a member of RCS England through the Faculty of Dental Surgery (FDS). Joint and MJDF members can continue to hold memberships with both organisations if they wish. 

Privilege Members and Foundation Members of CGDent are also required to complete the online form to confirm the transfer of their FGDP membership.

Arrangements are also in place to ensure fairness in fees for FGDP(UK) members transferring to CGDent. If on 1 July 2021 you have paid your FGDP(UK) annual membership in full, and your corresponding fees at CGDent are lower, we will adjust your remaining membership term to compensate for the difference. Where they might be higher, we will not charge more for the remaining term of membership for which you have already paid through FGDP(UK).

Please note that if you are a member of FGDP(UK) but do not choose to transfer your membership via the online form, your eligibility to join CGDent will not be automatic and you will have to submit proof of eligibility as a new joiner. This is because FGDP membership data can only be transferred to the CGDent on 1 July if the individual member has already joined CGDent and explicitly consented to the transfer of their data.

Further information on the transfer of the FGDP into CGDent is available here.

The benefits of joining CGDent are summarised here.

*Associate Fellowship is a new grade of membership, sitting in between Full Membership and Fellowship, which recognises educational attainment over and above that required to qualify for Full Membership, and will be a stepping stone toward Fellowship. Full Members of FGDP who transfer to CGDent and hold a relevant Postgraduate Diploma or Masters qualification will be able to apply for admission to Associate Fellowship from 1 July. Further details will be announced by the College of General Dentistry in due course.