Call for nominations for historic election for FGDP and CGDent

News Published: 
9 March 2021


The Faculty of General Dental Practice UK (FGDP) is calling on Full Members and Fellows throughout the UK to consider standing for office in the upcoming elections to the National Faculty Board and CGDent Council. 

The National Faculty Board meets three times per year, and sets the strategy and direction for the FGDP(UK). When the Faculty transfers into the College of General Dentistry (CGDent) on 1 July 2021, the Council of the CGDent will initially comprise the members of the National FGDP(UK) Board at that time. 

Nominations are open for one National seat on the Board, and Full Members and Fellows who live or practice in the UK are eligible to stand for election.

Nominations are also open for the four regional seats of Mersey & North West, South West, Trent & East Anglia and West Midlands, with Full Members or Fellows who live or practice in one of these divisional areas eligible to stand. Members who are registered in one of these four divisional areas may apply for election to both the National seat and the regional seat at the same time.

This table provides an indication of some of the areas included in these four FGDP divisional areas, but is not exhaustive. If you are unsure if you are in one of divisions, you can check your entry on the member register or contact us directly. 

Bath Bury                      Cotswold                 Gloucester              Lincoln                  Oldham                 Stockport                  Warrington       
Bedford Cambridge Coventry Hereford Liverpool Peterborough Stoke-on-Trent Warwick
Birmingham             Chester Derby Ipswich Malvern Hills            Rugby  Stafford-on-Avon Wigan
Bolton Chesterfield             Devon Isle of Man Manchester Sheffield Stroud Wiltshire
Bristol Cheltenham Doncaster Lancaster Norwich Solihull Tamworth Wirral
Bromsgrove Cornwall Forest of Dean Leicester Nottingham Stafford Wakefield Wolverhampton


Those elected will serve three-year terms, initially on the National Faculty Board, and then on the inaugural CGDent Council (subject to having joined the CGDent as a Full Member or Fellow by the date of transfer).

Sitting on the FGDP Board and CGDent Council presents Members with an extraordinary and historic opportunity to influence the direction of the profession and ensure that those in general dental practice are at the heart of national policy development. Supporting the joint commitment of the FGDP and CGDent to promote diversity and inclusivity in dentistry, we encourage those of all genders, ages and ethnicities both to consider applying and to encourage others to do so.

Full Members and Fellows of FGDP(UK) will shortly receive a call for nominations, with a link to the online nomination form. Candidates have until 5pm on Monday 26 April 2021 to submit a completed online nomination form, including details of two Full Members or Fellows of FGDP(UK) (from any division) who support their nomination. 

Anyone interested in standing for election but unsure whether they live or work in one of the four FGDP divisional areas for which Board representatives are being elected, may check our divisional map, member register or email us at

Anyone who is unsure of the membership status of potential supporters should consult our register of Full Members and Fellows. However please note that a small number of Full Members and Fellows may not appear on the register, so if in doubt, we recommend emailing If an interested FGDP Member is not in contact with other Members of their local division, they can email us at by Monday 19 April 2021 and we will put them in touch with their regional Board member.

Further details of the elections and a description of the role are available here, and information on eligibility and admission are available in the FGDP(UK) Standing Orders. 
Anyone wishing to enquire about the process, should contact Harriet Gordon-Lee on 020 8365 8909, or email




This news item was first published on 9 March 2021 and updated on 25 March 2021 due to the addition of one National seat in the National Faculty Board election.