Sami Stagnell MFGDP(UK)

Wessex and Oxford representative, National Faculty Board
Member, Education and Qualification committee 

Specialist Oral Surgeon supporting IMOS in Wessex: special interests in Clinical Leadership, Implantology and aesthetic medicine
NHSE Clinical Entrepreneur
Consultant Oral Surgeon Care UK Royal South Hants Hospital
Clinical Advisor AHSN Wessex

Beyond developing himself as a specialist in the field of Oral Surgery, Sami is one of the few dentists who has undertaken formal training in Clinical Leadership and management and has worked across regional and national levels supporting the development of dental commissioning and education projects. 

His progression at Masters level has lead him to supervising and examining at a postgraduate level and his interests in innovation in healthcare allowed him to take part in the first cohort of dentists on the NHS Clinical Entrepreneur programme. 

Sami has memberships with the RCS Edinburgh and has completed the Tri-Collegiate RCS Diploma in Oral Surgery in 2016. He holds Masters degrees in Aesthetic Dentistry from King’s College London (2015) and Skin Ageing and Aesthetic Medicine from Manchester (2018). He has held a Fellowship with HEE in Clinical Leadership and is one of the few UK dentists to have held an ITI implant scholarship. He has held positions within several committees in the BDA and RSM where he proactively supports the profession in a range of areas. 

National Faculty Board