More about our Implant Dentistry courses

The FGDP(UK) Diploma in Implant Dentistry is a two-year course that could prove to be the best investment you ever make. The programme is designed and run by a team of leading, practising implantologists in state-of-the-art facilities and using modern training methodologies.

Our Diploma in Implant Dentistry is a part-time course which usually takes place from a Thursday - Saturday every 5/6 weeks, specifically structured for the busy practitioner to minimise time away from the workplace.

Designed to emphasise the theory behind the procedures, as well as teaching new techniques, candidates will gain the necessary knowledge and skills to practise modern implant dentistry safely and with confidence. As you would expect from the organisation which has been setting the training standards in implant dentistry since 2005, the Diploma is rigorous and challenging, but that is what gives the course its deep and long-lasting value. It will give you an opportunity to broaden your services in a way that suits you, your practice and your patients.


Advanced Certificate

An Advanced Certificate is awarded with the Diploma to candidates who complete additional clinical cases.


Onward progression

Diploma qualifications from the Faculty of General Dental Practice (UK) offer a step on a career pathway for dentists looking to progress professionally. For ambitious dentists these qualifications can provide a significant and compelling component of your Fellowship application. Our programmes include verifiable CPD, helping you to meet the GDC’s CPD portfolio requirements.   

Completion of the Diploma counts towards progression onto the MSc programmes in the UK and at the University Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid.

In addition, the Diploma can form part of your credentials when applying to Masters programmes elsewhere. 


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