FGDP(UK) transfer to the College of General Dentistry

FGDP(UK) will transfer to the College of General Dentistry from 1 July 2021. Faculty members are invited to confirm their membership preference to come into effect from this date onwards. Information about the transfer can be found here. Membership of the College is currently open to FGDP(UK) members, and DCPs. The College offers Fellowship and Associate Fellowship. Membership will open to all dental professionals soon. You can find out more about CGDent membership on their website.

Fellowship of the FGDP(UK) is the mark of professional achievement in dentistry. It draws together the rich experience of your career in practice - whether you are from an NHS, private or a mixed practice. FGDP Fellows constitute a distinguished body of leaders and influencers to enhance and protect the standing of dentistry into the future. 

Dentists are interested in Fellowship for a number of reasons. For some it is the accumulation of their career pathway in the profession. For some they are seeking a new and exciting challenge which takes them and their practice to a higher level. And for others, it is a means of accrediting the variety of skills, tasks and responsibilities that they undertake.  

Our Fellows tell us that alongside their enhanced standing and credibility, they are profoundly proud of being recognised by their peers and honoured to be associated with others who have made a significant contribution to the profession. They have job satisfaction, a sense of achievement and a continued drive to deliver the highest standards of care for their patients.

Fellowship of the Faculty is internationally recognised, not least through the post-nominal letters FFGDP(UK); your eligibility for you to use the exclusive Fellow member logo; and a Fellow listing on our Membership Register. In addition, as a Fellow of the Faculty you can give back to the profession by getting involved in special interest groups, our local committees and our postgraduate courses. If you are looking to develop your leadership skills and influence the future of the profession, as a Fellow, you can stand for election on our National Board.

There are a number of routes to Fellowship:

The Fellowship Ad Eundem is suitable for a dentist who already holds a Fellowship from one of the UK Royal Colleges or recognised overseas bodies and which is equivalent to the Fellowship by Assessment of FGDP(UK). It recognises those who have already achieved distinction in the field of dental practice by the award of a Fellowship from another body. 

Apply for Fellowship Ad Eundem here

Fellowship by Election is conferred by the Faculty Board, whereby candidates are identified by individuals making recommendation(s) to individual Faculty Board members. The Board member must agree to sponsor any nomination to the Board as a whole, and these nominations are considered at the autumn Board meeting. A candidate who is presented to the Board in this way will be expected to have an exceptional career record across the five domains of practice identified in the Fellowship competences, and will likely have been active in their support of the Faculty and its mission.

Honorary Fellowship is at the prerogative of the Faculty Board and an honour bestowed on those who, in the view of the Board, have made an exceptional contribution to the profession and/or the Faculty.