Implant Dentistry courses: testimonials

"I would consider taking  further FGDP courses - I feel they are thorough and keep me abreast with current protocols." Hear more from Gayathri Kini 


"The experience gained throughout allows me to confidently provide implant dentistry" Hear more from Gavin McManus




"One of the useful elements of the course were small and focussed groups, where everyone share their expertise and knowledge." - Hear more from Ambrish Roshan


"I would say to anyone thinking about this course that it has been worth the money and time. My patients, my practice and my referral colleagues have all benefitted this experience. It does require a reasonable amount of commitment during the 2 years and also for preparation for the final assessment, but once you get used to the level of commitment it can be comfortably done while working in practice." Martin Wanendeya, former candidate and now a course tutor


"FGDP (UK) produces safe and competent Implantologists, who can manage 98% of the cases with 99% of accuracy" Former candidate 


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