Clinical Examination and Record-Keeping

Clinical Examination and Record-Keeping is a complete reference guide to record-keeping and examination, and is available:

Covering dental records, history-taking, full examination, recall visits, consent, confidentiality, data protection, referrals, electronic records, special situations and more, the third edition has been fully updated and expanded to reflect technological and regulatory developments. It employs a simple 'ABC' system for grading its recommendations, which the Care Quality Commission expects dental practices in England to comply with when recording medical history, assessing needs, and planning and recording care.

The hard copy also includes scenarios to put the guidance into context, as well as a series of extensive appendices, diagrams, charting notes and template forms which dental professionals may adopt for use in their practice.


"This publication provides good practice guidelines in clinical examination and record keeping for primary dental care practitioners. It is relevant, clear, well structured, accessible and an excellent reference tool"

British Dental Journal

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May 2016