Guidance & Standards


The FGDP(UK) provides evidence-based guidance and standards for the whole of the dental profession in order to promote high quality practice and patient care. Our publications are available in variety of formats including hard copy, e-books, and free of charge online:

  • Standards in Dentistry is a comprehensive collection of standards and guidelines in oral healthcare, covering both primary and secondary care.
  • Clinical Examination and Record-Keeping is a complete reference guide to record-keeping and examination, including history-taking, consent, confidentiality, data protection and more.
  • Selection Criteria for Dental Radiography is the leading guideline on indications for radiographic investigation, covering treatment planning and monitoring, ionising radiation regulations and best practice.
  • Antimicrobial Prescribing for General Dental Practitioners gives clear, simple and practical guidance to primary care dentists on when to prescribe antimicrobials, what to prescribe, for how long and at what dosage.
  • Dementia-Friendly Dentistry enables dental professionals to understand dementia and its implications for dental practice, and adapt their patient management and clinical decisions accordingly.
  • Training Standards in Implant Dentistry summarises the training that should be undertaken to carry out implant dentistry safely, and the standards which should be met by training courses.
  • Key Skills in Primary Dental Care is an e-learning package providing essential guidance to dentists and the whole dental team, with a certificate of 7 hours of verifiable CPD upon completion.
  • Pathways in Practice is FGDP(UK)'s complete guide to being a General Dental Practitioner.

For information on FGDP(UK publications not currently available, see our Publications A-Z. 

Some out-of-print editions of the above publications are available electronically on request. Please email the publications team for details and availability. An admin fee may apply.