The FGDP programme changed my approach in dentistry in every way possible!

60 Seconds with our former student Hend Ainine, who completed the course in June’19


Hend graduated from Dundee in 2012 and is now a general dental practitioner currently working in Nice in the South of France. She currently provides mostly cosmetic dentistry, and advanced restorative dentistry.


Why did you choose to study with FGDP?


I chose to study with FGDP because I was looking to do a degree in restorative dentistry and the diploma run by FGDP was highly recommended by my colleagues, in particular as it is a gold standard in the UK for post graduate training. And of course, adding extra letters after my name was appealing!


What was the best or most beneficial parts of the course?


Personally I found the best thing about the course was that it motivated me to dedicate time to dentistry. Before I undertook the course it was a very rare occurrence that I picked up a dental book or an article, but since then it has become habit and I’ve managed to integrate evidence based dentistry into my practice.


I found Friday evening’s tutorials particularly beneficial as they were a great opportunity to discuss specific cases in detail with our mentor and the other students on the course. The lectures were enjoyable as they were a good mix of theory and practical, and were delivered by the leading dentists in the UK.


How did the tutors help you?


The tutors had a great deal of knowledge and were able to provide me with advice in all aspects of dentistry and answer any questions I had regarding cases I saw in clinic. It was really nice to have their support available whenever required. They were readily available for support and were really quick in responding to my queries.


How has the FGDP programme changed your approach in dentistry and in your practice?


The FGDP programme changed my approach in dentistry in every way possible! From patient management, to learning the importance of detailed history taking and discussing the options available with the patient and careful treatment planning without jumping into the deep end and picking up the drill so quickly like I used to before.


Without even noticing it I use what I learned in the course in my current practice - the course changed the way I practice completely and now looking back it scares me to think that I used to pick up the drill without having taken all the history and completed all the necessary investigations and formulated a staged treatment plan with the patient.


What would you say to anyone considering the course?


Do it! It takes a lot of time and effort but it’s worth every minute of it. My dental knowledge and confidence has grown in ways I didn’t think possible. If you’re looking to expand your dental knowledge and skills then this is the course for you.