Aesthetics on Natural Teeth and Implants Study Evening

14 December 2017
This evening event focuses on a new Prosthetic protocol for vertical preparation of the tooth - the Biological Oriented Preparation Technique (B.O.P.T.) concept, and on a new prosthetic emergence profile of the Implant/Abutment.

An update in Infection Control

30 January 2018
Get an update in the recent advances in infection control.

Problem solving in Endodontics

13 March 2018
Get an insight into the problems that may arise in Endodontics and effective ways of solving them.

There Must Be Some Misunderstanding - Avoiding the Pitfalls of the NHS Regulations

17 April 2018
During his talk about NHS regulations, Dr Len D'Cruz will cast light on the complex and confusing area of working with the National Health Service.

MJDF Part 2 Mock Exam Glasgow

21 April 2018
The Part 2 examination of the MJDF rigorously tests the day-to-day knowledge and skills of candidates and can be a daunting experience for many. To prepare you, FGDP(UK) Scotland runs a mock day which replicates exam conditions and provides invaluable feedback to aid your studies.

“Don’t miss your flight!”

5 July 2018
See the 3 stages of a dental career flight path and understand the 5 learnings that increase earnings along the journey.