To Remove or Improve?

26 October 2018

With the rise of peri-implantitis are there more realistic options for retaining teeth we might otherwise stick the forceps on! Obviously we cannot save everything but can we do more before we extract? On the day our three expert speakers will give us a better idea of what actually can be done with teeth of poor prognosis!

Aims and objectives:

Part 1 – This lecture aims to enable delegates to:

To share the truth about periodontal-systemic connections according to the current evidence base.

To visualise the impact of periodontitis as a chronic non-communicable disease (CNCD) and the role of the dental team in managing CNCDs.

To glimpse into the future role of the dental team in medical management of their patients


Part 2 -This lecture aims to enable delegates to:

Discuss early diagnosis of periodontal and peri-implant diseases including screening in children and adolescents

llustrate in a case-driven presentation, the consequences of late diagnosis of peri-implant diseases and those of the soft tissues of the mouth, which really could be a matter of life and death.

Illustrate the surgical techniques involved in implant salvage

Discuss the evidence for longer term survival of implants verses periodontally involved teeth.


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