MJDF study group

18 June 2019

Novotel, 181 Pitt Street, Glasgow G2 4DT

The Glasgow MJDF tuition and revision course is designed to guide and support you through the MJDF examination. We aim to help you pass both Parts 1 and 2 of the MJDF.

The induction evening is 18 June, followed by the four-part course with dates in August and September. Following this, there will be a part 2 tuition course for the February 2020 exam. This four part course runs in January and February and includes a mock exam day.

With study evenings spread throughout the year and a free place at the annual Study Day you feel part of a community of dentists. Add in social events, more than 20 hours of CPDA plus the support of volunteer tutors and your working life will be greatly enhanced.

Visit the website for further information.