Health and Wellbeing in Dentistry: FGDP(UK)-Prodental CPD webinar

23 June 2020



Tuesday 23 June




This Q&A-based webinar, held in conjunction with Prodental CPD, examines health and wellbeing among the dental profession. 

Currently there is high incidence of stress and depression among dental practitioners and team members. A sense of loneliness and isolation is also commonly cited in surveys, and BDA research has shown that almost a fifth of dentists have seriously thought about suicide. Yet 72% of dentists responding to Dentistry Confidence Monitor (in 2019) said that they weren’t sure to whom they could turn for support.


CPD will be available:



  • Understand the current stresses that affect us and many of our friends and colleagues.
  • Have an understanding of warning signs and also the key thing is to know who to talk to for support.


  • At the end of this presentation the user will have a better understanding of emotional and financial support available to them and their colleagues.

GDC Learning Outcomes:

  • C,D


Visit to register. 


Members of the Faculty of General Dental Practice (UK) who are based in the UK or Ireland can access mental health and wellbeing support from a trained counsellor by calling 020 7869 6221. Further details are available here.

Confidental is a helpline offering emotional support and signposting for dentists from a team of trained volunteer dentists. Freephone 0333 987 5158, 24 hours a day.

Dental Mentors UK is offering pro bono coaching/mentoring support from fellow dental professionals during COVID-19. Contact volunteers directly, details here.

Mental Dental is a private Facebook group to support dentists in crisis to know that they are not alone, and offers a safe space to discuss and get further information about mental health services for dentists. 

Other services providing health and wellbeing support to dental professionals during COVID-19 are listed here.

FGDP(UK) has previously co-hosted a webinar on this important topic with the other dental faculties of the Royal Colleges of the UK and Ireland, which is available to view here.