Challenges to Oral Surgery in Dental Practice in the 21st Century

1 November 2019

Challenges to Oral Surgery in Dental Practice in the 21st Century: from the cradle to the grave


Annual Scientific Meeting of the Faculty of Dental Surgery, Royal College of Surgeons of Ireland

Conjoint meeting with the Association of British Academic Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons (ABAOMS), the British Association of Oral Surgeons (BAOS) and the Irish Association of Oral Surgeons (IAOS).


1-2 November 2019

Royal College of Surgeons of Ireland




Friday 1 November

08.50     Michael Donaldson      What can today’s children of Ireland and the UK expect of dentistry as a result of Brexit?

09.30     Andrew Bolas              A guide to appropriate and proportionate imaging of impacted teeth in the child

10.00     David Thomas             Roots, shoots and leaves: novel anti-infective approaches from nature, to treat life-threatening infections

11.45     Angela Jones               The role of the dentist in identifying addiction and misuse of recreational drugs in the young adult

12.15     Wendy Turner              Young dentists: The snow-flake generation or future leaders?

12.45     Natasha Devon MBE   The changing demographics of demand for cosmetic surgery. What do the customers have to say?

13.15     Donald Burden            How does dentofacial discrepancy affect our patients?


15.00     Justin Durham             What is new in TMD management?

15.30     Aubrey Craig               Risk management in Oral Surgery practice

16.00     Julian Yates                 Evidence-based arguments for bone augmentation versus alternate approaches (oseodistraction/angled abutments/zygomatic implants)

16.30     Brian Schmidt              A real pain in the neck -the scientific basis for pain management in the post treatment head and neck cancer patient


Saturday, 2nd November

09.00                                         Rugby World Cup Final live

11.15     Brian Schmidt              Osteoradionecrosis and the evidence base for prophylactic and post hoc dental extractions in patients receiving head & neck radiotherapy

12.00     Gerard Kearns             Controversy or synthesis: a guide to guidelines for patients at risk from IE

12.30     TBC                             The issues of recognising and consenting patients with dementia


14.30     Patricia O'Connor       Polypharmacy in the older patient. The implications for oral surgery practice

15.15     David Thomas            The challenges of impaired wound healing in the elderly and compromised patient


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