We have 20 local FGDP(UK) Divisions around the UK.

Each Division has a board who organise the Division's activities and a Regional Representative is elected from each area to sit on the national Faculty Board. The FGDP(UK) is governed by the Faculty Board, which meets quarterly and plays a crucial role in the development and direction of the Faculty.

Connecting communities

The Divisions provide an essential support network for our members. As well as offering mentoring, peer support and a professional community, they also run study days, workshops and conferences.

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If you're not currently a member, you may attend most of these events. FGDP(UK) members receive a significant discount on all Divisional events. To view the current programme of activities around the UK, click here.

If you would like more information on any division please click below for contact details:

FGDP(UK) North West

FGDP(UK) Northern

FGDP(UK) Northern Ireland

FGDP(UK) West Midlands

FGDP(UK) West Scotland

FGDP(UK) Yorkshire

FGDP(UK) Central London

FGDP(UK) East Anglia

FGDP(UK) East of Scotland

FGDP(UK) Mersey

FGDP(UK) North East Thames

FGDP(UK) North of Scotland

FGDP(UK) North of Wales

FGDP(UK) North West Thames

FGDP(UK) Oxford & Wessex

FGDP(UK) South East Thames

FGDP(UK) South Wales

FGDP(UK) South West Thames

FGDP(UK) South Western

FGDP(UK) Trent