FGDP(UK) Divisions

The Faculty of General Dental Practice (UK) (FGDP(UK)) has a network of 21 Divisions throughout the UK. Our Divisions are locally organised groups of Members who provide an essential support network and represent Members at a local and national level. 

Every Member of the Faculty belongs to a Division, based on your postcode. The Division boundaries are generally based on local authority districts, counties and unitary authority boundaries. We also have an overseas Division which represents our Members outside of the UK.

Our Divisions offer a range of activities to support your professional development, and to make the most of your membership. This might include opportunities to attend study days and CPD events. They also offer mentoring, peer support and access to a professional community that you can tap in to for professional advice and networking.

Each Division has a committee who organise the Division's activities; and a regional representative is elected from each area to sit on the national Faculty Board, which meets quarterly and plays a crucial role in the development and direction of the Faculty.

If you want to get involved in your Division, you can contact them to find out how you can support and meet like-minded professionals.

Divisions play a significant role in making sure you make the most of your membership.  Divisions will empower you to influence and positively shape your general dental practice career:

Professional Development

Divisions are a key source for regular high quality learning such as CPD workshops, networking events and lectures. Members receive a discount on all Divisional events. To view the current programme of activities around the UK, visit our events page. (Non-members are welcome to attend Divisional events at full price.)

Be part of a community

Our Divisions support our Members locally. Whether that’s through mentoring, leadership or teaching our community of colleagues and peers.  All play a part in developing the future of general dental practice.

Develop as a professional

Being an active member your Division can help you to think about your own personal career journey and inspire leadership qualities in general dental practice.  For ambitious dentists and dental care professionals, there are opportunities within the Divisions to take on leadership roles at a local or national level.

Shape the future

Members are represented at a national level through our Board Members who are elected through the Divisions. The strength of our Divisions comes through a team of professionals with a range of skills working together in ways to provide the best possible care for dental patients.

If you would like further information about the work of our Divisions, please contact the Membership Engagement Manager or call 020 7869 6776.

If you want to get involved in your Division, you can contact them to find out how you can join forces with your peers and actively get involved.

Find your division contact and Board member - members only

If you would like more information on any FGDP(UK) Division please click below for contact details:

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