The Diploma in Restorative Dentistry has been an eye opener and gave me a different perspective on my workstyle

I am an overseas qualified dentist (2001) who has been practising as a general dentist in UK since 2008. Soon after I cleared my statutory exam to get registered with GDC, I completed my MJDF in 2010.

I started to look for a further qualification in restorative dentistry.  I could not afford to lose the working hours and earnings so did all the research and got very positive feedback from colleagues and friends who already completed and recommended the FGDP course.

The course delivery pattern of Friday evening and Saturday study day/hands on day worked perfect for me as full time practitioner and mother to 6 year old. I was used to the traditional way of attending the lectures and then studying further, but in this course we received all the learning material upfront. This allowed me to gain the basic idea and knowledge of how the module will be delivered.

The tutor support was brilliant and they were very supportive. We had small tutor groups with experienced specialists as tutors. Every tutorial we would discuss the study models of patients and the possibilities of their treatment plan. These groups also gave an opportunity to understand fellow peers’ approaches on cases and their perspectives. I really enjoyed and benefited from submitting assignments and case sheets - though I have to admit it takes hard work and dedication to do it on time! But the more you put in, the more you gain from the course. I have learnt a lot from this course. The way I was approaching patients completely changed and this course has been an eye opener and gave me different perspective on my workstyle. 

Completing the learning cases, mini cases and assignments automatically changed my approach towards my daily practice, for example, taking photographs, use of facebow, articulator, matrix system, rubber dam, rotary endo, magnification loupes etc, have now become an integral part of my everyday practice. I am more confident in my practice and am trying all the difficult RCT with the help of Niti rotary Endo. The periodontics module completely changed the outlook of my practice.

I would encourage people to apply for the course by saying if you really want to upgrade your knowledge and gains confidence, but can do only part time, this is the course for you.