CGDent Scheme with Dental Protection

The College of General Dentistry builds on the achievements of the Faculty to lead the profession, and foster excellence and confidence in oral healthcare for all. Currently, membership of the College is available exclusively for members of the Faculty and is just £20 a year.

As a UK-based member of the College of General Dentistry you will be eligible for a discount on your individual subscription fees with Dental Protection. If you join the College as a Member or Associate Fellow you will be eligible for a discount of 5%. If you are a Fellow of the College you will save 8% on your subscription with Dental Protection. 

To take advantage of this discount scheme, join the College of General Dentistry here. If you are an existing member of Dental Protection you can call them on 0800 561 9000 to request the discount is applied. If you are not a member of Dental Protection, you can go to to get a quote and join.

Dental Protection is the world’s leading dental defence organisation - offering advice, protection and support to its members.

Membership of the Faculty or College does not form part of the criteria for membership of Dental Protection. Faculty or College Members should contact Dental Protection to discuss their eligibility for cover.