Career Pathway

The Faculty is developing a coherent career programme for dentists through FGDP(UK) membership. Our vision is that that membership opens up a pathway to professional development throughout a dentist’s career.


The career development programme draws on a structure of five professional practice domains which we envisage being used pervasively throughout the career development pathway. They are largely comparable with, but not the same as, the four competence domains that are defined for Foundation Dental training and the Membership of Joint Dental Faculties (MJDF).

The career development programme will form a bridge between the MJDF award and our Preparing for Fellowship programme.

In the career development programme scheme, participants will be credited for their commitment to enhanced and directed CPD.

The benefits of the scheme for Members will be:

  • Guidance in career development, informed by structure of the Career Development Programme itself.
  • Access to voluntary mentoring opportunities that are facilitated by FGDP(UK), working with the framework of the Career Development Programme to foster dialogue in the mentoring relationship.
  • To receive a certificate annually that validates their active participation and commitment to progression and development in their practice.

The scheme will be open to all FGDP(UK) full Members, for a modest additional subscription. Subscription will enable participants to register and validate their enhanced CPD through a dedicated CPD portal [hyperlink needs to be created]

Resources to support the scheme will be openly accessible to all full Members.

The scheme is based on self-assessment, supported by risk-based validation by FGDP(UK). In other words, participants work through the structured programme on an annual cycle, validating their progress with guided, self-reflective reviews. The reviews are private to the participant and their appointed validators.

There is no end-point to the scheme and Members can progress, when ready, to the Preparing for Fellowship programme.