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David Moles
Ewen Mccoll
Christopher Tredwin
Robert Witton
Lorna Burns

The authors wish to thank all the individuals and organisations that have generously given their time and expertise to comment on the drafts of the second edition of Standards in Dentistry. Their input has been enormously valuable in shaping this publication. We would particularly like to thank our colleague Timothy O’Brien who was always on hand to act as a sounding board and for his dento-legal expertise. In some cases we have had to resolve strongly-held but contradictory views held by consultees and peer reviewers. This is an indication of the extent to which members of our profession care passionately about the standards of care we all endeavour to provide and it also illustrates the subjective nature of clinical practice. While the evidence base for primary care dentistry is constantly improving, it is clear that much remains almost as much an art as a science. Often there is not a single best way of providing care, and this publication is just one of several reasonable approaches to the provision of primary dental care.

The Faculty of General Dental Practice (UK) would also like to express its thanks to the following individuals and organisations for their review, comments and support during the development of this document:

Paul Batchelor
Igor Blum
Janet Collins
Richard Cure
Ulpee Darbar
John Davies
Stephen Davies
Onkar Dhanoya
Kenneth eaton
Jonathan farmer
Elizabeth Glass
Janet Goodwin
Matthew Holyoak
Mark-Steven Howe
Lisa Howells
Charlotte Jeavons
Trevor Johnson
Quentin Jones
Lorna K Mccaul
David Kramer
Yann Maidment
Donald B mcnicol
Helen Minnery
Mike Mulcahy
Susan Nelson
Timothy O’Brien
Charles Ormond
Philip Ower
Abhijit Pal
Jonathan Rees
Mark Richardson
Valerie Silver
Peter Smyth
Pearse Stinson
Michael Thomas
Patricia Thomson
Reena Wadia
Jane Woodington