Honorary Fellows and Members

Honorary Fellowship is conferred only occasionally, for exceptional contributions to dentistry or to the Faculty. Honorary Membership is similarly conferred. Both are awarded entirely at the Faculty Board’s discretion.

Honorary awards are not now normally conferred upon a practising dentist, however exceptional their work, because it is only contracted Full Fellowship or Membership that demonstrates their commitment to our professional standards. Honorary title places no professional obligations on the holder. For this reason, Honorary Fellows and Members do not appear in the Member Register.

Honorary Fellowship or Membership might be conferred on a dentist once retired from practice, if they have not retained their Fellowship or have never been a member but are considered worthy of recognition nonetheless, and if another award is not suitable.

We are proud to recognise and celebrate the contributions to dentistry and to the Faculty of the following people since the Faculty’s foundation.

Types of Honours

FFGDP(UK))(Hon.) - Honorary Fellow of the Faculty of General Dental Practice (UK)

MFGDP(UK)(Hon.) - Honorary Member of the Faculty of General Dental Practice (UK)

DGDP(UK)(Hon.) - Honorary Diploma in General Dental Practice; awarded prior to the introduction of Honorary Fellowship


Awarded 2019

Jeremy Bagg FFGDP(UK)(Hon.)


Awarded 2018

John Deer FFGDP(UK)(Hon.)

Janet Goodwin FFGDP(UK)(Hon.)

Andrew Miller MFGDP(UK)(Hon.)


Awarded 2017

Fiona Erasmus FFGDP(UK)(Hon.).

Keith Horner FFGDP(UK)(Hon.).


Awarded 2015

Jan Clarkson FFGDP(UK)(Hon.).

Helen Worthington FFGDP(UK)(Hon.).

Aubrey Sheiham FFGDP(UK)(Hon.).


Awarded 2014

Ian Pocock FFGDP(UK)(Hon.).

Professor Nigel Hunt FFGDP(UK)(Hon.).

Professor Richard Welbury FFGDP(UK)(Hon.).

Stephen Henderson FFGDP(UK)(Hon.).

Fiona Ellwood FFGDP(UK)(Hon.).


Awarded 2013

Martin Mills FFGDP(UK)(Hon.).


Awarded 2011

Norman Williams FFGDP(UK)(Hon.).

John Getty FFGDP(UK)(Hon.).


Awarded 2010

Ashok Dhobie FFGDP(UK)(Hon.).


Awarded 2009

Sharon Drake FFGDP(UK)(Hon.).


Awarded 2008

Christopher Russell FFGDP(UK)(Hon.).

John Black FFGDP(UK)(Hon.).


Awarded 2007

Bernard Ribeiro FFGDP(UK)(Hon.).

Gareth Holsgrove FFGDP(UK)(Hon.).


Awarded 2006

David Dandy FFGDP(UK)(Hon.).

Pankaj Patel OGW MFGDP(UK)(Hon.).


Awarded 2005

David Leung MFGDP(UK)(Hon.).


Awarded 2004

Hugh Phillips FFGDP(UK)(Hon.).

David Colin Thome FFGDP(UK)(Hon.).

Ramananda Prabhu MFGDP(UK)(Hon.).


Awarded 2003

Vishwanath Mahadevan FFGDP(UK)(Hon.).

Ramdas M Pai FFGDP(UK)(Hon.).

Ameed Khalid Abdul-Hamid MFGDP(UK)(Hon.).

Wai Ting Li MFGDP(UK)(Hon.).

Johnson CSYip MFGDP(UK)(Hon.).


Awarded 2002

Denis Pereira Gray OBE FFGDP(UK)(Hon.).


Awarded 1999

Anthea Stevens FFGDP(UK)(Hon.).


Awarded 1997

Chan Yee Wing DGDP(UK)(Hon.)

Mr Geoffrey T Cheney DGDP(UK)(Hon.)

Mr James P Ralph DGDP(UK)(Hon.)

Mr Roger Duffett DGDP(UK)(Hon.)


Awarded 1996

Bernard Caplin DGDP(UK)(Hon.)

Choo Teck Chaun DGDP(UK)(Hon.)

S Jeganathan DGDP(UK)(Hon.)

H M Ariffin Bin H Mohamed DGDP(UK)(Hon.)

Arumugam Ratnanesan DGDP(UK)(Hon.)

John Robin Wild DGDP(UK)(Hon.)


Awarded 1995

Ralph McCarthy DGDP(UK)(Hon.)


Awarded 1994

Rodney Sweetnam KCVO CBE DGDP(UK)(Hon.)


Awarded 1993

Terence English KBE DGDP(UK)(Hon.)


Awarded 1992

R D Strahan DGDP(UK)(Hon.)

Ben Fickling DGDP(UK)(Hon.)

Bryan Gillard DGDP(UK)(Hon.)

Alan Green DGDP(UK)(Hon.)