Member Register

Due to the transfer of the Faculty to the College of General Dentistry in July 2021,this Member Register makes a record of Full Members and Fellows of the Faculty as at 30 June 2021, who had attained our standards in their practice, and who are committed to maintain those standards.

The Register is made available for anyone to confirm that a dentist was a Full Member or Fellow of FGDP(UK), and therefore entitled to use the letters after their name: MFGDP(UK) (Full Member), FFGDP(UK) (Fellow) or MJDF (Joint Member) up to the end of June 2021.


Faculty Members and Fellows are eligible to join The College of General Dentistry to demonstrate continued commitment to professionalism and standards in dentistry. The College Member Register is available here

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For important information about this FGDP Member Register, see our explanation and disclaimer.

Inclusion in this Member Register is not evidence of statutory registration by the General Dental Council (GDC), who provide the only point of reference for a dentist’s legal right to practise dentistry in the UK.