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About the Faculty of General Dental Practice (UK)

The FGDP(UK) was formed in 1992 and is based at The Royal College of Surgeons of England (RCSEng)  in central London. We help dental professionals working in primary care ('high street') dental practices to improve the standard of care that they deliver to their patients. We do this through standard setting, education and assessment, continuing professional development (CPD), publications, policy development and research.

Membership of the FGDP(UK) is open to all dentists and dental care professionals (such as dental nurses and dental hygienists) that are registered with dentistry's regulator, the General Dental Council.

As a patient, your voice is represented in the FGDP(UK) through our Lay and Patient Panel.


Dental qualifications

All dentists and dental care professionals must gain a suitable qualification so that they can register with the General Dental Council and practise dentistry. For dentists, this qualification is usually a Bachelor of Dental Surgery degree, often written as the abbreviation BDS or BChD after the dentist's name, or a Licentiate in Dental Surgery degree (LDS). Dental care professionals also have qualifications specific to their profession.

The letters MJDF, MFGDP(UK) or DGDP(UK), MGDS RCS(Eng) indicate postgraduate diplomas awarded by the Faculty of General Dental Practice (UK) at various stages of a dentist's career.

The highest qualification that the Faculty can award is the Fellowship diploma (FFGDP(UK)).


Explanation and Disclaimer

Around 95% of dental care in the UK is provided in the primary care ('high street') Over 4500 general dental practitioners (GDPs) and dental care professionals (DCPs) are members of the FGDP(UK). Those included on this list have given permission to publish their contact details. Not all the names of dentists who are members of the Faculty will appear. If in doubt please contact the Membership Team.

While most members on the list are practising dentists and dental care professionals registered with the General Dental Council (GDC), the list also includes overseas members and retired members who may not be eligible to practise in the United Kingdom. All enquiries about registration as a dentist or fitness to practise must be directed to the GDC at:

The General Dental Council
37 Wimpole Street
London W1G 8DQ
Tel: 020 7887 3800
Email: Fitness to Practise
Email: Registration

By accessing and downloading the list, you are acknowledging that you have read and understood the FGDP(UK) explanation and disclaimer.

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