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The FGDP(UK) is the UK's leading organisation concerned with the standards of patient care in general dental practice.

By joining the FGDP(UK) you are not only making a public statement about your personal commitment to high quality patient care, you are also gaining access to many services that will help you to make that commitment a reality.

Membership is open to Dentists and Dental Care Professionals. To find the right category of membership for you, and to apply click here

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5 Reasons to join the FGDP(UK)

1, Professional development

We will support your commitment to delivering the highest standards of patient care throughout your career through services such as our postgraduate courses, e-learning, local and national events, research, journals and books.

2, Connecting with like-minded professionals

Local events run by our Divisions and our educational courses will give you opportunities to meet, discuss with and learn from colleagues new and old.

3, Services that make a real difference to your working life

Whether developing new courses or negotiating discounted deals with external suppliers, our focus is on providing you with services that have an impact.

4, Financial benefits

From the significant members' discounts on our postgraduate courses to the marketing value of Faculty membership, there are financial benefits to be gained from joining the FGDP(UK)

5, Influence within the profession

Our mission is focused on raising the standard of patient care. Our work with bodies such as the Government and the GDC in setting standards is strengthened by our membership, both in terms of the credibility it gives us and the valuable input we receive from members.


Membership is open to Dentists and Dental Care Professionals. Please see below to find the right category of membership for you, and to apply.




There are the following categories of FGDP(UK) membership:

  • Full (holders of the MFGDP, MJDF, or equivalent qualifications)
  • MJDF(holders of the MJDF within 6 years of passing the exam)
  • Joint membership with the FDS RCS (Full members of both dental faculties at the RCS)
  • Associate (Dentists within the first 3 years after qualifying, and holding no further pg qualifications)
  • Associate +3 (Dentists qualified for more than 3 years, and holding no further pg qualifications)
  • DCP Affiliate (All GDC registered dental care professionals)
  • Student (undergraduate dental students in their final 2 years of study).

To find out which is the appropriate membership category for you, please answer the questions below.


1 Are you a dentist or a dental care professional?

Dental Care Professional


2 Are you a qualified dentist?



3 Do you hold the MJDF?



4 Do you hold MFGDP, MGDS, MFDS, or a UK postgraduate dental qualification at diploma level or above?



4a Have you been qualified for more than 3 years?



4b Please click on the qualification that you hold. If you hold more than one please click the qualification that appears highest on the list

Fellowship of one of the four surgical Royal Colleges

Diploma level (or higher) dental qualification from a UK Higher Education Institution


































Dental Care Professionals membership is open to GDC-registered DCPs (dental nurses, dental therapists, dental technicians, dental hygienists, clinical dental technicians and orthodontic therapists).

Membership application form










































Dental Students in their final two years of study can join for free. E-ssociate members can access all online services as well as member discounts.

Please complete and submit  the membership application form.









































If you passed the MJDF within the past 6 years please contact us to activate your membership of the FGDP(UK) and the FDS at The Royal College of Surgeons of England.

If you passed the MJDF more than 6 years ago you can choose to be:





























You may join as an Associate +3 member. Please complete the membership application form





























You may join as an Associate member. Please complete the membership application form.






























You may join the FGDP(UK) as a Full member. Please complete the membership application form.

If you wish to be a member of both dental faculties at the RCS you may become a joint member for a discounted rate. Please contact us. for further information.



































You may be eligible to join as a Full member of the FGDP(UK) through our Ad Eundem process. For more information click here.

To apply, please complete and submit the membership application form with the required supporting documentation. Guidance notes are available here.

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  • Promoting excellence in dentistry